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Here's a list of several helpful patient handouts that might be of interest...

Mary's Family Medicine only offers vaccinations that are WA State supplied (as a part of  WA state's children's vaccination program).  As a result, there are certain children's vaccinations that we do not offer, such as Varicella (Chicken Pox). 
Furthermore, we do not offer any ADULT vaccines (such as the Flu, Pneumonia and Tetanus vaccines).  However, they may be obtained from most drug stores and from most larger companies such as Costco Wholesale, Microsoft, Nintendo Etc..

Vaccines not supplied by us are indicated as ( * NOT * AVAILABLE AT MFM ) in their descriptions...


COMMON VACCINES LIST with detailed information


IMMUNIZATION SCHEDULES - Adults, Adolescents/Children and Babies

A friendly reminder: We require that you call us more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to make changes, including cancellations.  See No Show/Late Cancels for more information.